Pocket Sundial by H.M.Kala

Kala Pocket Instruments


Tell the true time anywhere in the world using just the power of the Sun or the Polar Star

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The Kala family has been making precision pocket sundials for over 25 years in Austria. In 2022, due to customer demand, we also launched a Nocturnal - a star dial you can use at night.

As a family of Austrian watchmakers we have spent years crafting the design of our instruments and are proud to be recognised for our high quality standards.



Read the time anywhere in the world. The three dimensions work together like clock-work, bringing ancient calculations into a modern function.

Once setup, our sundial is a model of our planet with the bridge parallel to the earth's axis. It can thus be used as a precise compass too.

The Nocturnal is much simpler in nature, it is an elegant disc will help you navigate the night sky and find your time reading.



Sundials and Nocturnals were mentioned in early texts across all religions. They have been used to tell the time and navigate throughout modern history.

Sometimes they are an excuse to enjoy a sunny moment - or enchanting night, sometimes they are simply a reminder of the past. But one thing is for sure: the gift of true time is never wasted.

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    The quality and detail of this sundial is just amazing. I personally wear it as a necklace. The service and the speed of delivery I rate at 100%

    - Christine, US -

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    Well made. I'm glad small companies like yours exist, delivering such unique products. I wish you success in the future!

    - Jacob, UK -