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Kala Pocket Sundial

Kala Pocket Sundial

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⟶ Tells the true solar time anywhere in the world using just the power of the sun, achieving surprising accuracy estimated by experts to be better than +/- 10 minutes!

⟶ Crafted by our family of watchmakers for over 25 years in the same small workshop near Graz in Austria!

⟶ Measures just 60mm / 2.36 inches in diameter, fitting easily in your pocket and meeting the international sizing standard for pocket watches too!

⟶ Solid brass & steel construction, with artisan black ink and every third sundial fully disassembled & checked to ensure quality!

⟶ Inspired by the historic Universal Equinoctial Ring Sundial, currently on display at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich!

⟶ Can also be used as a precise compass once set up, making a truly versatile instrument!


Although sundials have been around for a very long time, they never worked across latitudes until around 500 years ago.

At that time the Universal Equinoctial Ring Sundial - the inspiration for our sundial - began to be used by a new wave of sailors, explorers and travellers.

Our sundial tells the true solar time anywhere in the world because the Sun's angle to the equatorial plane takes different values over the course of the year, and the small hole mask in the centre of the sundial is adjustable, plus set to the date.

Once set up it is also a model of our planet with the bridge parallel to the earth's axis, so it can thus be used as a precise compass too!


⟶ Made of solid brass and steel with artisan black ink coating - for a reassuring weight.

⟶ Fully assembled weight: 40 g.

⟶ Ø 60 mm / 2.36 inches diameter.

⟶ Includes 10 language instruction manual.

⟶ Comes with an organic cork inlay and an elegant white slider case.

⟶ The outer and inner rings can be folded together for easy transport.


We ship to time enthusiasts all over the world!

Rates are calculated when you get to the checkout, and if you are in the EU or USA your Sundial will usually arrive in 2-3 days.

Returns are no problem either - just contact us via the chat button on this website to get things arranged.

We also offer an exclusive lifetime manufacturer's guarantee, and are happy to offer a full refund if requested.

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Kala Collector’s Set

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Our family has been making precision pocket sundials for over 25 years in Austria.

Our father, Michael Kala, designed the three machines which we use to cut, press and ink all the critical parts for each piece.



Read the time anywhere in the world. The three dimensions work together like clock-work, bringing ancient calculations into a modern function.

Once set up, the Sundial is a model of our planet with the bridge parallel to the Earth's axis. It can thus be used as a precise compass too.



Sundials were mentioned in early texts across all religions. They have been used to tell the time and navigate throughout modern history.

Sometimes they are an excuse to enjoy a sunny moment, Sometimes they are simply a reminder of the past. But one thing is for sure: the gift of true time is never wasted!

Using your Sundial

The Kala Pocket Sundial is the most charming timepiece of its kind. Here's how to use it in 4 easy steps: